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The Sociable Startup

We’re very proud to announce another Woocommerce release and an extremely cool wee business trading online, The Social Types. The brainchild of the wonderfully talented Jaz Dean, who has transformed her passion for design into something so much more. The Social Types revamps the humble greeting card with fresh ideas and unique styles, adding a bit of cool to staying in touch.

The fully-responsive commerce ready website is built in WordPress featuring some sweet imagery and designs head-to-toe, care of Jaz at The Social Types. Once you get through nosing through all the creativity you’ll notice the shop layout goes against the grain of the Ecommerce norm with the menu and page header on the left-hand-side. Great for a business like The Social Types, where being a bit different hits the spot.

As with every site we build, you can shrink your browser up and down and you’ll notice the fully adaptive nature of the responsive theme so it’s ready for use on tablets and mobile phones. The shop page could be described as an art gallery, featuring several layouts should you wish to get a close-up of the designs, or a birds eye view to compare. Some other nice touches to make the experience all that much smoother for the shoppers is the ajax page loading, ajax shopping cart, and an ajax one-page checkout. For those not inducted to Ajax, that basically means these items will update without reloading the page.

Working with Jaz was a breeze as she was very committed to learning and helping out with site content, not to mention, very friendly. It’s always easy when we get to work with someone that is so apt at producing quality imagery for their own site. In this digital-era, the age-old art of penning a card is somewhat forgotten at times and so it’s refreshing to see some real creativity coming out of The Social Types studio to shake up the market.

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