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Adding a touch of spice to WordPress

It’s not every day you walk into a cafe and strike up a conversation that leads to a business partnership, but that’s what happened with one of our first partners – Wall Spice. Several months ago I was out grabbing my usual morning cuppa and met the founder/owner of Wall Spice. Somehow we got talking about art and our respective businesses, we umm’d and ahh’d a bit about who did what and it turned out we had some common ground that resulted in building a shiny new website.

Our mission was to flavour Wordpress with a touch of Woocommerce flair, and ensure we deliver something as unique as the work Wall Spice produces. Wall Spice needed full control over their brand and they needed to be able to provide their customers with an avenue to purchase their stunning art online.

Woocommerce WordPressThe genesis of Wall Spice was some time ago, blending artwork with music into a delectable medium you can now find adorned across the pages of their new website. They had been selling their work at local markets, word-of-mouth, and from contacts via their existing website. Their first site was a paid-monthly DIY setup, very similar to those that many artists and designers use as a portfolio to promote their work which only have very basic functionality. Not quite providing the tools and capabilities a growing business might need to take them to that next level.

Wall Spice’s work ranges from some very cool spray painted vinyls through to stunning wall murals and all sorts in-between. It just so happened that our chance encounter evolved into a working partnership which allowed us to work closely together to find just the right solution that would see Wall Spice now selling online through their own website, empowering them to grow as a business.

With so many platforms and website developers around claiming they have the best solution it can be tricky filtering through the racks and finding the right fit for your business; each seeming to have their own benefits and drawbacks. While not keen to discuss all those in this article, we can say that after going through the motions we found WordPress to be a very a snug option given the budget and requirements Wall Spice had for their setup. WordPress may not be the best fit for very large Ecommerce websites but it’s certainly one of the easiest to use and most accessible platforms for those that only need to feature a small to medium range of products. The main advantages are it’s completely free and so too is the base form of Woocommerce (the bolt-on application for WordPress that turns a brochure site into a seller). Wordpress seems to hit the right notes with artists as it really does come into it’s own when it comes to portfolios and blogging, throw Woocommerce into the mix, and we’re selling our artwork. Pretty simple really, and seriously a no-brainer for a business in such a situation.

responsive wordpress woocommerceThe result is a responsive, ecommerce enabled website that combines an interesting collection of fonts, images and styles that we like to think are fairly unique. All of which add to and enhance the identity that is Wall Spice. At 8 Wire Digital, we were charged with arranging the hosting, theming, shop setup, SEO and site configuration. We continue to work closely as partners to ensure that we stay current with the changes in technology and update elements to meet the needs of the business.

On a personal note, we really enjoy working with these guys and small business is something that we are very passionate about. There is nothing more rewarding than to see the good ones get on their feet, and make their first online sale. We’re very much looking forward to the development of Wall Spice heading into the future. Visit their new website here: www.wallspice.co.nz

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