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Google Stumps Bloggers Link Building For Brands

A common practice employed by brands in order to generate inbound links to their website is to handout free gear to bloggers. In return those blogger’s would typically link to the brand’s website in reference to said free gear, resulting in SEO boosts. Google looks to have made moves to fight this with a recent set of instructions for […]

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Magento Tweaking Guide For SEO

Magento and SEO functionality hasn’t exactly been a peas and carrots sort of a relationship throughout the iterations and updates for both the Community and Enterprise editions of the platform. Usually requiring an extension of the standalone package, a bit of know how, and a few tweaks to get it optimised for search engines. That’s […]

404 page design

How to create a kick-ass 404 page

Oops. This page cannot be found. Was it me? Is it the website? Who knows? This has happened to all of us while browsing the web – whether you’ve entered in a URL directory or clicked on a listing from a search engine – sometimes the page just seems to have disappeared. This is where […]

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Common Issues for Ecommerce and SEO

Managing an E-Commerce website can be quite demanding due to constant changes, what with products changing by the day, going out of stock and in some cases numbering well into the thousands. Search Engine Optimisation can often be put aside and only becomes an afterthought once everything else an E-commerce manager/webmaster considers to be important is looked […]