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Resources To Up Your Web Marketing Content Game

If you’re new to the web, or you’ve been around the traps managing websites for a while, it’s always nice to come across those things that will make your life easier when it comes to adding some extra polish to your website.

It’s true, good looking content can be the difference that ultimately ends in sales for your business, and not all of us are guns with Photoshop and Illustrator. So this week, we’d like to share an insight into 6 of the best resources we’ve found, that can help you develop professional content for your website.

1. Graphic River


Graphic River (a member of the Envato market), is essentially a design marketplace where various designers can put their work up to sell to anyone needing some assets/templates for design applications. Store managers, bloggers, and even other designers. There is almost 300,000 different items for sale on Graphic River, categorised in all sorts of ways, with great filtering and search functionality to find what you’re after.

If you need a badge, a logo, an icon, or a banner this is the place where you can find amazing templates to work off.

2. PlaceIt


If you want to showcase your designs, apps, projects, and the like on different devices, PlaceIt is your goto. You can either upload an image, or enter an image URL, and PlaceIt will take that image and ‘place’ it inside the screen of your choice. A great tool for making those designs look professional.

3. Death To The Stock Photo


Death To The Stock Photo is free service that emails you a bunch of amazing photos each month to possibly use in your web content.  It’s not always the best if you’re looking for something specific as you can’t exactly be selective with the imagery that gets sent to your inbox. The key is to store it up over time and you never know you might just find the right photo for your content. As they are such amazing shots, it’s worth being on-board.

4. Web Developer Chrome Plugin


Most web developers can find out about colours or images on a website pretty easily but there’s a bit of a knack to it. The Web Developer plugin for Google Chrome gives you that extra knowledge at the click of a button in your browser. It is geared towards Web developers but there’s a few pieces in there that could help you with your content like:

  • The ruler – If you want to find out the dimensions of any element on a webpage, tuck in here, you can highlight images, boxes, frames and find out the exact size in pixels.
  • colour picker – Fancy a certain colour on another website? Just use this tool and you can get the exact colour for yourself
  • Device resizer – Resize your browser to various device sizes, so that you can emulate what a website might look like. Pretty handy when it comes to testing a website for it’s content and ensuring you have all your bases covered with different devices

This can all be done without the plugin, but it does make life easier and accessible in the one place.

5. IM Free


IM Free is a stock photo site that has thousands of amazing stock photographs all for free.

The photography itself is of amazing quality, and to be honest, surpasses that of a lot of the photography you would find on stock photo sites you pay for. It’s well categorised and organised, so finding the right images is also a piece of cake

6. Canva


If you need a resource to make professional marketing images, Canva is awesome. It has thousands of beautiful stock images which you can add various elements and effects to, and somehow it always looks brilliant. It also has all kinds of styles, templates, shapes and the like, so you can make something amazing for any occasion. It’s a drag and drop style platform so editing anything you like is pretty straightforward, even for the most challenged “designers”.

To sum that all up

This is just a snippet of some of the resources around the web that can help you generate amazing content for your website. There’s plenty more out there, but we think these are really useful resources to help you step up that level of professionalism without having to dip too far into your pocket. Good luck making your content!

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