Crumpler – Better, Faster, Prettier

It’s official. Crumpler’s back in biz, and this time it’s responsive, it’s faster, it’s more efficient than ever before, and just in time for Xmas to get your hands on some kick ass gear online. We’ve partnered up with the amazing team at Crumpler to re-launch their e-commerce solution and deliver a modern package that […]

Gravity NZ Launched!

Congrats to the team at Gravity NZ with the new brand and the new website to boot! While this website was a quick turnaround due to a prompt re-branding exercise. It’s up and running, looking good, and ready to take bookings. Bouncing around on trampolines has gotta be one of the best ways to get fit. […]

Grizzlybear Launch

We’re proud to announce the launch of one of our most recent websites. Grizzlybear! Grizzlybear is an online retailer that’s dedicated to mens lifestyle and fashion in NZ. They are relatively new to the scene so are very much in a startup phase but so far we absolutely love what’s going on. They target locally made gear […]

new magento 2

What’s New In Magento 2

With the launch of Magento 2 in November last year, it’s been pretty exciting times within the open source ecommerce ecosystem given it’s the most significant release for Magento since it’s inception in 2008 Developers, partners, and merchants alike have all been keeping an eye on the release and we’ve been fortunate enough to be involved […]

dialled indoor trampoline park website

Dialled Indoor Live

We’re proud to announce the release of another site from the 8 Wire Digital stables. Dialled Indoor Trampoline Parks. We’ve been working with the team at Dialled for a little over a month to produce this guy which was a pretty agressive timeframe but we had committed team members from all sides which made getting it up in that […]

A Legal Makeover

We’re proud to announce another 8 Wire Digital launch, Terrace Chambers. Albeit a belated one as it was launched over a month ago now, regardless, here it is! The team at the Terrace Chambers came to us with a bit of a tired looking setup that was built some time ago, and in need of a makeover. No […]

the social types website

The Sociable Startup

We’re very proud to announce another Woocommerce release and an extremely cool wee business trading online, The Social Types. The brainchild of the wonderfully talented Jaz Dean, who has transformed her passion for design into something so much more. The Social Types revamps the humble greeting card with fresh ideas and unique styles, adding a bit of cool to staying in touch. The fully-responsive […]

magento startup

Climbing Into Magento

There’s something pretty cool about being able to work with an old mate, particularly when you’re both starting up a business and you have something genuinely valuable you can offer each other. About 9 months ago, I travelled over to Europe to scratch a long-standing travel FOMO kind of an itch I had going on. During this […]

woocommerce website launch

Adding a touch of spice to WordPress

It’s not every day you walk into a cafe and strike up a conversation that leads to a business partnership, but that’s what happened with one of our first partners – Wall Spice. Several months ago I was out grabbing my usual morning cuppa and met the founder/owner of Wall Spice. Somehow we got talking about […]