Crumpler – Better, Faster, Prettier

It’s official. Crumpler’s back in biz, and this time it’s responsive, it’s faster, it’s more efficient than ever before, and just in time for Xmas to get your hands on some kick ass gear online. We’ve partnered up with the amazing team at Crumpler to re-launch their e-commerce solution and deliver a modern package that […]

Magento 2

Magento 2 Demo

It’s been about 6 months since Magento 2 was released to the public and interest is definitely on the rise. Retailers can be forgiven for being a bit reluctant on indulging in the latest release due to extension availability, support from Magento developers around the country, and of-course when you have a business to run you want to know your […]

new magento 2

What’s New In Magento 2

With the launch of Magento 2 in November last year, it’s been pretty exciting times within the open source ecommerce ecosystem given it’s the most significant release for Magento since it’s inception in 2008 Developers, partners, and merchants alike have all been keeping an eye on the release and we’ve been fortunate enough to be involved […]

magento seo guide

Magento Tweaking Guide For SEO

Magento and SEO functionality hasn’t exactly been a peas and carrots sort of a relationship throughout the iterations and updates for both the Community and Enterprise editions of the platform. Usually requiring an extension of the standalone package, a bit of know how, and a few tweaks to get it optimised for search engines. That’s […]

magento startup

Climbing Into Magento

There’s something pretty cool about being able to work with an old mate, particularly when you’re both starting up a business and you have something genuinely valuable you can offer each other. About 9 months ago, I travelled over to Europe to scratch a long-standing travel FOMO kind of an itch I had going on. During this […]