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Magento 2 Demo

It’s been about 6 months since Magento 2 was released to the public and interest is definitely on the rise. Retailers can be forgiven for being a bit reluctant on indulging in the latest release due to extension availability, support from Magento developers around the country, and of-course when you have a business to run you want to know your investment is a wise one. So anyway, we thought you might like to see it actually working in the flesh, so here it is in all it’s glory.

The demo is using the Magento packaged Luma theme and content displaying plenty of it’s new features. At first glance you may not notice what’s changed, the truth is the big changes are in the backend (Magento admin), the structure of the platform, how it operates, and the technology it uses. We highlighted those things in an earlier post here

Here’s some of the key features we can point out that you can see:

  • Responsive theme – Just shrink your browser up and down and you’ll see how the design adapts to the size of your screen
  • Colour swatches – packaged as standard, you can see them in action on a category page or on a product page
  • The vastly improved 2 step checkout
  • Improved wishlist and product comparison
  • Enhanced layered navigation on the category page (left hand column) and responsive functionality on mobile

There’s plenty more tweaks here and there that make Magento 2 out of the box very attractive. Support from Magento developers around the world is coming on strong in terms of extension development and integrations, so it’s certainly now a serious option if you’re looking at developing a new e-commerce solution for your business.

We’ve fortunately had plenty of experience with Magento 2 and our developers are up to speed after being trained by Magento. This gives us a strong understanding of this great new product, along with an in depth knowledge of the underlying platform. So if you’re thinking about Magento 2 as an option or just want to know more then just give us a call to find out more


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