Crumpler – Better, Faster, Prettier

It’s official. Crumpler’s back in biz, and this time it’s responsive, it’s faster, it’s more efficient than ever before, and just in time for Xmas to get your hands on some kick ass gear online. We’ve partnered up with the amazing team at Crumpler to re-launch their e-commerce solution and deliver a modern package that […]

Magento 2

Magento 2 Demo

It’s been about 6 months since Magento 2 was released to the public and interest is definitely on the rise. Retailers can be forgiven for being a bit reluctant on indulging in the latest release due to extension availability, support from Magento developers around the country, and of-course when you have a business to run you want to know your […]

Grizzlybear Launch

We’re proud to announce the launch of one of our most recent websites. Grizzlybear! Grizzlybear is an online retailer that’s dedicated to mens lifestyle and fashion in NZ. They are relatively new to the scene so are very much in a startup phase but so far we absolutely love what’s going on. They target locally made gear […]

choose the right ecommerce platform

Choosing The Right Ecommerce Platform

Ahhh that old chestnut…. There’s so many options nowadays for ecommerce that trying to decide on the right platform is a bit of a minefield. Choosing the wrong one can lead to years of frustration and trouble for your business. Realising the pitfalls, limitations and costs only through experience. So best do a bit of homework, […]

new magento 2

What’s New In Magento 2

With the launch of Magento 2 in November last year, it’s been pretty exciting times within the open source ecommerce ecosystem given it’s the most significant release for Magento since it’s inception in 2008 Developers, partners, and merchants alike have all been keeping an eye on the release and we’ve been fortunate enough to be involved […]

knolling design trend

2016 Ecommerce Web Design Trends

With 2015 coming to an end we’ve been able to reflect a little on some of the key web design trends, as well as look forward to what we think might get some traction in the coming year. This year we saw a few trends get plenty of mileage including flat design, super large images, tiles, […]

product photography

Why Great Product Photography Sells

Great product photography can hold the key to the success of your ecommerce website and should not be underestimated. How often have you been to an ecommerce web store and clicked on a product only to be let down when you discover a couple of thumbnail images as the showcase? This is not only annoying, but also a waste of an […]

the social types website

The Sociable Startup

We’re very proud to announce another Woocommerce release and an extremely cool wee business trading online, The Social Types. The brainchild of the wonderfully talented Jaz Dean, who has transformed her passion for design into something so much more. The Social Types revamps the humble greeting card with fresh ideas and unique styles, adding a bit of cool to staying in touch. The fully-responsive […]

magento seo guide

Magento Tweaking Guide For SEO

Magento and SEO functionality hasn’t exactly been a peas and carrots sort of a relationship throughout the iterations and updates for both the Community and Enterprise editions of the platform. Usually requiring an extension of the standalone package, a bit of know how, and a few tweaks to get it optimised for search engines. That’s […]

key checks launching ecommerce website

Key Checks Before Launching An Ecommerce Website

An online business is no longer just an idea, what was once a dream is now becoming a reality. You know what you’re going to sell, your supplier is locked in, your website is ready to go, and your first arrival of stock is on the way. So where to from here? Well the hard […]