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Dialled Indoor Live

We’re proud to announce the release of another site from the 8 Wire Digital stables. Dialled Indoor Trampoline Parks. We’ve been working with the team at Dialled for a little over a month to produce this guy which was a pretty agressive timeframe but we had committed team members from all sides which made getting it up in that time a breeze. The website itself features a lot of custom illustrations along with a responsive theme which has just enough along the lines of transitions and movement to give it just the right amount of bounce to bring it to life 🙂

Overall we’re really happy with the result and looking forward to working alongside Dialled to help them advance their web presence with a mobile application, and some innovative marketing strategies so watch this space! If you haven’t been to Dialled Indoor and tried out their trampolines, make sure you do! Bouncing around on loads of tramps isn’t only fun it’s a pretty good way to burn those calories and stay fit.

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