Crumpler – Better, Faster, Prettier

It’s official. Crumpler’s back in biz, and this time it’s responsive, it’s faster, it’s more efficient than ever before, and just in time for Xmas to get your hands on some kick ass gear online. We’ve partnered up with the amazing team at Crumpler to re-launch their e-commerce solution and deliver a modern package that delivers them exactly what they need leading up to the silly season for 2016


There’s plenty going on with this guy behind the scenes with integrations aplenty: Pronto (ERP) for sales, shipping and stock synchronisation, as-well as the search being delivered to you courtesy of SOOQR all the way from the Netherlands. We’ve also incorporated Sift-science, clever anti-fraud technology which learns the behaviour of their users to detect fraudulent behaviour. Safe guarding them from that ever-increasing concern for e-commerce.

While we could go on listing the features of the site, you’re better off checking it out for yourselves. So get onto it here and get yourself a hit on some of the coolest bags and travel luggage on the planet

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