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Climbing Into Magento

There’s something pretty cool about being able to work with an old mate, particularly when you’re both starting up a business and you have something genuinely valuable you can offer each other. About 9 months ago, I travelled over to Europe to scratch a long-standing travel FOMO kind of an itch I had going on. During this time, was able to work with a new startup business, Szent Climbing to get them well and truly familiar with Magento, while in return, got to learn about Rock Climbing and build on the idea that 8 Wire Digital could become a reality.

It wasn’t by plan but old mate who I just happened to be helping out with the start of his new website was rock-climbing in the French Alps at the same time, suggested tagging along for some of his journey. Sold on the idea, I joined in, knowing it would give us the chance to really get on top of the work we were doing, but also gave me a chance to scale a few walls in some of the most scenic rock climbing locations on the planet, and maybe learn a thing or two about a new sport.

Old mate’s endeavour is a company he and his business partner have been working towards for over a year now called Szent Climbing, specialists in rock climbing, and chalk you can use in the gym or scaling vertical rock faces. Born out of a passion for the sport, opportunities eventuated to the point that they could create a business out of it. Not a bad way to be really.

Our first stop was a town called Chamonix, a postcard worthy french village tailor made for adrenaline junkies. Now I don’t typically go to such lengths to learn a company or a product but within a 24 hours of my arrival, found myself taking a bashing, dripping with sweat/blood, and attempting to scale some vertical rock faces while sampling some of Szent Climbing’s finest chalk. As a bit of a novice, learnt very quickly how important the chalk was and how weak my fingers are. Needless to say, I got to know the business and products pretty well.

Much like you wouldn’t just expect someone to scale a wall safely without a bit of coaching you wouldn’t expect a novice to run an ecommerce platform as powerful as Magento or would you? Maybe a more relevant comparison might be that you couldn’t just give some beginner the keys to a new shop and expect them to run it perfectly. They need to know how to run the till, where the stock is kept, what to do with returns etc.. you get the idea. There is so much functionality and customisability with Magento that it takes a bit of a coaching to become an effective store manager. So during our time between the sightseeing and conquering the rock faces of Europe. We had a chance to go through the basics through to some of the more relevant aspects of the platform for Szent Climbing.

Magento Learning

Szent Climbing’s new responsive website

There is certainly a lot of information available online about the functionality of Magento which is one of it’s big drawcards, the online community. Anyone can get answers to the questions they may have about the platform just by using google. However, something can definitely be said for a bit of coaching and interaction to add valuable experience, find out the tips and the gotchas, giving a fuller picture to the running of the owner. Just like I couldn’t go out and confidently scale walls safely by googling how to do it without having someone with experience showing me the ropes so to speak. Anyway, that’s what travelling together allowed us to do, share our knowledge and teach each other some new skills.

A couple of weeks later, after visiting some pretty amazing places and climbing several rock faces, we parted ways to carry on our respective journeys. I found myself leaving with a new set of skills and a pair of rock climbing shoes, allowing me to continue to enjoy the sport, no longer a novice. Old mate had surely learned more about his shiny new webstore and could confidently run Magento well, no longer reliant on someone else’s expertise to be in charge of the website

Szent Climbing’s new website was launched officially earlier this month and we’re very happy how things have panned out. 8 Wire Digital grew with the development of Szent Climbing and we know the value in what coaching can provide. It is something we will always offer as part of our service, want all our clients to be able to run their websites well, so they don’t need to rely on “experts” to do it all for them.

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