A Legal Makeover

We’re proud to announce another 8 Wire Digital launch, Terrace Chambers. Albeit a belated one as it was launched over a month ago now, regardless, here it is!

The team at the Terrace Chambers came to us with a bit of a tired looking setup that was built some time ago, and in need of a makeover. No good for mobile or tablet use, and it wasn’t quite doing the job for the Chambers on a professional level.

old terrace chambers site

old Terrace Chambers website

We didn’t need to be asked twice to jump on-board and put something together to bring the level of professionalism that would adequately represent the Chambers. A couple of months later, and we’re really happy with the result. The website itself is very clean with a ‘less is more’ styled approach, clean fonts, and some amazing photography which brings it all together. Terrace Chambers had no branding so we got to work with a clean slate, that’s allowed us to keep things very simple, clean and professional.

A strong collaboration always ensures a good result, and we have to admit the team at TC was very good on the photography front, along with some well thought out content.

The future of the website is in good stead, built on an open source solution which can easily be customised and managed by the team at TC. After a little bit of training, the keys have been handed over, and they’re away laughing.



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